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Review: Cunt Wars

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Calling all Magic the Gathering players! Bored of the same old, worn out plot lines? Need something exciting in your life? If you’re looking for a new, online game with a sexy twist then you need to check out Cunt Wars! What is Cunt Wars? The new game was developed by Hooligapps and published in June of 2018 first on Nataku. Your main focus is to defeat various villains and grow your guild in order to rise in social standing. Then you have the chance to be serviced by your doting, sexy minions. With limited voice acting and beautiful hentai images, the free game offers hours of fun for you to climb to the very top of the empire.


The story for Cunt Wars is pretty straight forward. Your character was orphaned at a young age and born into poverty. You’re finally sick of the way life is and have decided to rise to power in your kingdom. You are willing to do whatever it takes to rise to power. No matter who you have to steal from, rape, or kill, you are ready to do whatever you need to rule the world. Don’t feel too bored yet! With all the strategy involved and the sexy pictures involved, there is plenty to keep your attention for hours of fun. Will you fight with brawn or brain? Will you show mercy? Or will you rule with an iron fist? Who will you be? Build your guild and being your rise to power today!


Cunt Wars might seem extremely difficult to play, especially if you’ve never played a game like this, it is actually easy to understand. In every round, you will face an enemy. Both of you will summon units, choosing minions from the random cards that appear in your deck. You will have to choose a new card every single time you draw one. You’ll attack your enemy and take turns. The loser is whoever’s health bar reaches zero first! Not so different than those classic video games or the card games we played as kids. The game offers and easy to follow tutorial at the beginning that you will be rewarded for completing!

Worried about the game still being too easy? Don’t be! The board that you will be playing on will have obstacles and tools to provide advantages to anyone with some strategy! Some squares might increase damage or health. Rocks will block damage, which can lead to some interesting tactics with your more powerful minions. The game helps you to with your battle strategy and gives you a sexy reward for your hard work.


If you’re worried about bad graphics on Cunt Wars, don’t be! The game is beautifully designed to make each round look and feel different from the last. When you first login, you will be shown a gorgeous tapestry with the options listed there. As you win more and more battles you will unlock beautiful Hentai pictures, and different sprites to use during fights. Your minions and sprites are animated to idle, attack, dance when victorious, and death.
The boards that you play on are designed to keep you interested in the Cunt Wars while you travel to burning deserts, icy tundras, and sticky swamps. The map itself is beautifully created so you can get the feel of being in the middle of these wars.


Honestly, one of the most annoying things about playing online games only to be told you have to pay after a trial period. Not at Cunt Wars! While the game is primarily free to play, you do have the chance to purchase gold pieces and green gems in the store. Gems hold more value than gold, you can purchase advantages and other items. Even though you don’t have to buy anything, as it is very easy for you to earn what you need, there’s plenty of daily deals that the store offers! Dropping a few dollars every now and then for massive amounts of gold and gems is easy and always rewarding.


Cunt Wars prides itself in its originality and the music is definitely no exception! All the songs that you hear are original pieces created for Cunt Wars and add to the fantastical setting of the world. Don’t worry about it sounding the same, each song is very distinct and anything but boring. The battle songs gets your blood pumping and gets your blood boiling! The best way to describe the music is medieval with a modern twist.
It’s also worth noting other sounds in the game. The voice acting, while limited to emotes and minions’ giggiling, roaring, and a few other little noises. While none of them stand out alone, they mesh with the over cheerful feeling of the game. The acting is pretty good and the overall quality of the sound is fine as well.


Don’t worry about getting caught with your pants down because of loud videos, all of the hentai on this site comes in picture form. Don’t worry about not having anything to look at or work for. At each level you will get to see a new explicit hentai photo of your main character being serviced by his minions. The pictures are incredibly detailed and leave nothing to the imagination. Honestly do you really want it to? You’re fighting a war here! You deserve something to motivate you. What could be better than victory than getting off with incredibly hot women?
There’s not really any scenes to watch but Cunt Wars is still better than most of the erotic games out there. Check it out for yourself!


If you’re looking for a well put together, fun, sexy game, then Cunt Wars is one to definitely one to try out! With its interesting story line, the beautifully created pictures, and the awesome music (and the fact that it’s free), then you definitely need to get into Cunt Wars! What are you waiting for? Log on or download it on your android phone today! How long will it take you to rise to power?