First sex

How boys should act during the first sex

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The first sex for a boy is a big event, and preparing for it should be appropriate. Just like girls, boys should be morally prepared first. Yes, and partner should be chosen responsibly. The girl should be loved, close to you, so you will understand each other, which is very important during the first sex.

So, the first thing is that you have to think about a condom. Yes, in any case, you should not forget about it. If the girl is also a virgin, but also special grease, it will help you both.

In most cases, boys are worried that they may not get an erection or that they will finish too early. About the first case, it is just enough to be morally prepared for this and there will not be any problems.

The second issue is called fast ejaculation, and there are some nuances right here. On many websites, there are recommendations to masturbate before right before the first sexual intercourse. But this may be more a problem than a solution, so at the most responsible moment, you may simply not have an erection. Therefore, if you want to use this recommendation, then make this in advance, that is at least 8 hours before the sexual intercourse.

Boys should know that the first sex would never be long and qualitative, so it is better to inform your partner about it. If your partner understands that this is your first time, then you will feel less nervous, and everything will be much easier.

Ideally, your girl should be close to you in relationships. Before your first sexual intercourse, take off closes completely; start with kisses, hugs, and touches. Therefore, the nervous feeling will almost disappear, and after that, you can start everything.

An easy way to make the first sex longer is a condom. Well, and most importantly – do not be afraid of anything. You just need to try this one time and in future, everything will be much easier. Best wishes to you with such a complicated task.