How a woman should act during the first sex

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Do not know what to do during the first sexual contact? Want to do everything right? My article will help you!

Kisses and passionate hugs eventually lead to sexual contact. But most teenagers are not ready for this and absolutely do not know how to behave during the first sex. In this article, we will tell you what you can and what cannot do at your first time.

The first sex for girls

The first and perhaps the most interesting question for girls before sex is if it would hurt. There is no clear answer. Some girls do not feel pain at all, and some have bad feelings. But in general, if you feel pain, then it’s not so much to worry about it, because it is basically not so hard.

During the primary sex, you should deal with safety! Overall, unpracticed sexual partners can by end up become youthful parents. So, ensure your partner wears a condom.

Maybe the most imperative guidance is that you have to morally prepare for deprivation, try to calm down. Because as quitter and relaxed girls behave, as less pain they feel. It is simple, if a girl is tense, vaginal muscles will become strong and it will be much harder for your partner to do everything. So try to relax.

Blood from the vagina is a common occurrence during the first sex, so be prepared for this. Usually, it is a small amount of blood, and it should not be in big amounts. Some girls almost do not have blood at all.

And the main thing is that if you are morally not prepared to make your first sexual intercourse than it is better to postpone it for later. Because if you would be nervous than everything will be more difficult more. Well, and about the partner. You should choose a reliable person, those with whom you would stay together until the end of your days.

Ideally, the girl should have only one sexual partner, otherwise, it affects both your health and the health of future children.