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Foot-fetish is a fetishism on the feet of a person. It is one of the most common sexual fetishes after intimate zones. Many people like feet – small, neat, toes, heels, skin and what it feels like. Many couples in bed pay enough attention to the feet of their partner.

Fetishism is an arousal when you see what you particularly like. Pleasure and attention from contemplation and touching the feet is not at all strange, or even more shameful. Where did the fetish go from the feet?

     Previously, it was not customary to wear especially open shoes – neither for women, nor even more for men. Also, it was not customary to take care of your feet. Fetish is a love for something hidden, and, therefore, intimate. If you can’t see, then it’s personal, as intimate as your chest or groin. Recently, shoes have become more open. In addition, sometimes even began to focus on the sexuality of the feet and feet.

     Girls began to pay more attention to what the foot looks like, what shape they like best. So are men. There was such service as a pedicure. A beautiful leg that ends with an equally beautiful foot, especially with a soft and soft skin, can drive you crazy.

     With the foot-fetish is connected and BDSM-practice called “bastinado”. It’s flogging your feet. Also here include the temperature effect on the foot (for example, hot wax) and tickling (tikling). In sex, there are several techniques associated with a foot-fetish:

 – trampling, walking with your feet on the partner’s body;

     – licking your feet;

     sniffing of the feet;

     – stimulation of intimate zones by feet;

     – sucking and licking of the toes and the entire foot;

     – foot massage.

     Separately, we can distinguish a foot-job – the stimulation of the genital organ of a man by the feet of a woman. More rarely, when a man with his feet stimulates a woman’s vagina. Especially the hard type of sex is foot-fisting – the introduction of a finger, fingers or the entire foot into the partner’s anus.